Patient Access Collaborative Releases Advocacy Insights on Prior Authorization


Recently, Emma Watson, MPH with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network spoke to the Patient Access Collaborative (PAC) on the impact prior authorization policies have on cancer patients. Prior authorization policies require a health care provider or an insurance plan enrollee to obtain approval from the insurer or its pharmacy benefit manager before the plan will cover the cost of a health care product or servicePatients with cancer who are subject to prior authorization policies can experience longer waits for their new medication and treatments, which for many patients, means an interference with their quality of life and increased mental and emotional strains. In her discussion, Ms. Watson stated that prior authorization processes must be transparent and accessible for patients and providers to ensure patients do not experience unnecessary delays in accessing treatment. Lastly, Ms. Watson encouraged patients who have been impacted by prior authorization policies to reach out to their state officials to share their stories and encourage legislatures to take action to protect patients from prior authorization policies. The interview is published in PAC’s Advocacy Insights, which can be read here   





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