Policy Priorities


Aimed Alliance envisions a society in which consumers, in consultation with their health care providers and loved ones, can make informed and individually appropriate decisions about their health care, without having those decisions overridden by third parties. Access topics relate to an individual’s ability to obtain the health care services that he or she needs, when the individual needs them. Third-party payers often erect barriers that stand between a patient and his or her ability to access medically necessary health care services. These barriers are discussed among these Access topics.


Aimed Alliance is committed to protecting against discrimination within the health care system and in the workplace. These efforts include preventing discrimination against individuals on the basis of health condition, disability, race, gender, and generic information, among others, as well as reducing health disparities.

Consumer Protection

Aimed Alliance is committed to protecting and enhancing the rights of health care consumers and providers. Consumer Protection topics relate to defending consumers against unfair practices in the provision of health care coverage and health care services, punishing bad actors for gaming the system, enhancing consumers’ ability to make informed decisions in the health care market, and ensuring that the health care resources are allocated efficiently. These efforts are discussed among these Consumer Protection topics.


Aimed Alliance believes that Americans should value their health care and prioritize it as consumers. Coverage topics relate to the level of health coverage that is offered to consumers by private health plans and public health programs, and ongoing efforts to reform the United States healthcare system to improve efficiency and reduce waste. These issues are discussed among these Coverage topics.

Value and Innovation

Aimed Alliance believes that the costs of health care treatments and services should be reasonable and transparent. Value and Innovation topics relate to the value that is assigned to a treatment or medical service, the process by which that value is calculated, and the costs that consumers incur to access those treatments and services. Value and Innovation topics also address the rising cost of health care services and prescription drugs in the United States and strategies that can be used to reverse those trends. These issues are discussed among these Value and Innovation topics.