Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors works to provide strategic leadership and oversight to Aimed Alliance in efforts to advance the organization’s mission. The Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders and subject matter experts who can offer support and insight to the organization.

Eifer Lyddane

Eifer Lyddane is the Founder and CEO of In Good Company Wellness, a provider of health and wellness services to employers, communities, and individuals across the U.S. With over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, health coach, and yoga instructor, Ms. Lyddane has witnessed firsthand how the integration of mind, body, and nutrition can yield long-term, positive mental and physical health effects. She is an outspoken advocate for innovative health initiatives and believes access to integrative therapies, combined with a long-term approach to cost savings, can lead to better health and socioeconomic outcomes.

Shari A. Hicks, CPhT

Shari A. Hicks, CPhT, is a nationally-certified pharmacy technician and currently serves as a pharmacy technician in Reston, Virginia. In this role, Ms. Hicks works to ensure that hospital patients have safe and timely access to the treatments their health care providers deem medically necessary. She also has extensive experience in a variety of pharmacy settings. Ms. Hicks previously served on the board of directors of a national organization dedicated to preventing prescription drug and other substance misuse. She is the proud mother of two recent university graduates.