Aimed Alliance, Joined by 9 Advocacy Organizations, Urges the Cleveland Clinic to End Nonmedical Switching Practices


On August 26, 2019, Aimed Alliance sent a sign-on letter to the Cleveland Clinic, requesting the health system to allow patients to stay on their medications. This letter follows up on an initial sign-on letter that Aimed Alliance sent to Cleveland Clinic in December 2018, requesting that the health system cease its nonmedical switching practices.

In July, Aimed Alliance published a report on nonmedical switching in health systems in Ohio. This report focuses on the harm this practice can inflict on patients and the frustration it causes providers. The letter sent on August 26th highlights the findings of this report and urges the Cleveland Clinic to make moderate changes to its business practice to prevent patients who need specific medications from being unfairly switched.

Stay tuned for future developments on this topic.


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