Aimed Alliance Counsel Authors Op-ed Published by the Gotham Gazette


On February 21, 2020, the Gotham Gazette published an op-ed authored by Aimed Alliance Counsel Stacey L. Worthy. This op-ed discusses the findings of a report recently published by Aimed Alliance, titled “Utilization Mismanagement: Assessing Compliance with Step Therapy and Prior Authorization Laws in Select States, Survey Findings from New York,” which analyzes how well health plans are complying with recently enacted prior authorization and step therapy laws in New York. Ms. Worthy calls attention to the burdens that prior authorization requirements and step therapy protocols place on patients and how they can result in patients not receiving medically necessary care at critical points. The op-ed also highlights some of the findings of Utilization Mismanagement, which identify different ways that New York’s prior authorization and step therapy laws could be improved.

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