Alliance for Mental Health Care Access Hosts First Roundtable Meeting


On August 31, 2021, the Alliance for Mental Health Care Access (“AMHCA”) conducted its first roundtable meeting. AMHCA is a new working group that is expanding on the work of the Alliance for Depression Care Access (“ADCA”). Co-led by Aimed Alliance and the Alliance for Patient Access (“AfPA”), AMHCA works to prevent the non-medical switching of stable patients with mental health conditions. The first roundtable meeting discussed how non-medical switching can be dangerous for patients with mental health disorders and can result in increased risks of non-adherence, hospitalization or re-hospitalization, reduced effectiveness of subsequent treatments, and increased risk of suicide. Aimed Alliance counsel also provided an overview of current laws that exist to protect patients from non-medical switching. Additionally, the roundtable included a discussion from a practitioner’s perspective on non-medical switching and a review of previous policy activities conducted by the allianceThe meeting concluded with a roundtable discussion in which participants noted how non-medical switching has impacted both patients and caregivers in the mental health community. The executive summary of the meeting can be read herePlease contact us at if you are interested in joining our working group.  



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