Aimed Alliance Offers Support for Ohio Bill that Would Limit Copay Accumulators


On June 1, 2020, Aimed Alliance sent a letter to the Ohio House Health Committee, urging its members to pass H.B. 469. If signed into law, the bill would limit the use of copay accumulator programs. Many patients who cannot afford their medications have obtained aid from copayment assistance programs, often in the form of drug manufacturers’ copay coupon. Yet, health plans are increasingly adopting copay accumulator programs, which prevent the value of these coupons from counting toward a patient’s deductible and maximum out-of-pocket limit. Under these programs, once copayment assistance runs out, patients are again faced with an inability to afford their medications. In some instances, there are no generic alternatives, and patients may be forced to ration their medications or abandon treatment altogether. As a result, they can experience disease progression, relapse, and other adverse events, thereby increasing health care utilization. H.B. 469 would prohibit health insurers from adopting copay accumulator programs for branded drugs unless a medically appropriate generic equivalent is available. To read our letter in full, click here.


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