Wyden and Crapo Respond to Submissions on Improving Mental Health Care Access


On September 21, 2021, Senators Wyden and Crapo asked interested stakeholders to submit comments on evidence-based solutions and ideas to improving mental and behavioral health care access relating to strengthening the workforce; increasing integration, coordination, and access to care; ensuring parity between behavioral and physical health care; furthering the use of telehealth; and improving access to behavioral healthcare for children . 

On December 20, 2021, Senator Wyden and Senator Crapo provided an update on their request for comment noting they received 321 submissions. The 321 submissions included a response from the Alliance for Mental Healthcare Access (AMHCA) calling on Senators Wyden and Crapo to take action to enforce the guaranteed renewability provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA); prohibit demonstration projects that would remove protections of the Six Protected Classes; and authorize a report exploring the impact of non-medical switching on patients with mental health conditions. AMHCA’s comment can be read here. 


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