Upcoming HR.com Webinar: Cannabis, CBD, and Cannabinoids: What Employers and Consumers Should Know


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Cannabis, CBD, and Cannabinoids: What Employers and Consumers Should Know
December 6, 2022 from 3PM-4PM ET. 

As HR professionals contemplate workplace decisions that affect employee compensation, wellness, and safety, various questions about cannabis, marijuana, hemp, and cannabinoids may arise. Similarly, as HR specialists and employees personally care for themselves and their families, they may consider using some of the many cannabinoid products on the market. But accurate and objective information about cannabis, marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD), hemp, and other cannabinoids can be hard to find.

In this free, one-hour presentation, an attorney who practices drug law and policy, a PhD behavioral health psychologist, and the chief operating officer of a substance use disorder prevention and harm reduction organization, will share well-documented, up-to-date information on cannabinoid products. Their objective is to help equip participants to make informed decisions not just for employers and employees but also for themselves and their loved ones.

The speakers will examine definitions and the U.S. federal and state legal status of cannabis, marijuana, hemp, CBD, and other cannabinoid products. They will discuss products’ research and evidence base and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval status, which is essential to understanding the health and safety profiles of these products.

This webinar will cover cannabinoid-related topics of specific interest to employers and HR professionals, such as health insurance coverage, employee assistance programs, workplace safety, and recovery support. The speakers will discuss anticipated cannabinoid-related developments that could affect employer and consumer behavior. They will also direct participants to credible resources to support their ongoing professional and personal decision-making. Finally, the session will conclude with a live Q&A session.

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