The Cost of a Cure: Prices Are Justified for Life-Altering Treatments


Much has been said in USA Today’s recent article, Skyrocketing drug prices leave cures out of reach for some patients, about the rising costs of specialty medications and the effects they have on patient access. However, many of these drugs are truly game changers. Prescription drug pricing represents the cost of extensive research and development necessary to develop innovative new treatments that save lives.

The article mentioned that patients once diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia were only given months or a few years to live. Now, because of medical advancements, these cancer patients’ survival rates and quality-of-life have improved dramatically. Survivors – and their loved ones – can get back to leading normal lives. The article also failed to mention that many prescription drug manufacturers continue to offer patient assistant programs to help patients overcome financial burdens and access the medications they need. The Alliance for the Adoption of Innovations in Medicine (Aimed Alliance) believes the cost of these life-altering treatments are justified because they continue to provide much-needed hope and comfort to countless patients around the world.


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