Survey Finds Lack of Knowledge and Coverage of Prescription Digital Therapeutics Among Payers


A recent article by HealthPayer Intelligence found that only 40 of 180 insurance companies surveyed were familiar with prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). Further, the survey found that of the 40 insurers that were familiar with PDTs, only 4 out of 10 covered PDTs as a benefit. Thus, out of 180 payers, only 16 were covering PDTs. The survey also found that insurers were interested in beginning to cover PDTs because PDTs are subject to randomized controlled trials, had real-world evidence that the therapeutics were effective, were approved by the FDA, and could offset the cost for payers. However, while insurers were interested in beginning coverage of PDTs, insurers reported they were not interested in value-based reimbursement nor had any insurer created separate formulary for PDTsThe full article can be read here 


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