Rising Cost of Living Takes Priority Over Health Care for Most Americans


A report published this year by Enterprise Community Partners finds that housing costs and health care costs are frequently interconnected for Americans, with over half of the 1,000 renters surveyed having delayed medical care in order to pay rent. According to the report, all 500 medical professionals surveyed said that several patients have expressed concerns over affordable housing.

For many, struggling to afford rising rent prices and escalating medical costs go hand-in-hand. As the national median rent has risen over 10 percent over the last five years, renters earning the national median income have spent over 28 percent of their earnings on rent. In 2017, health care spending increased nearly four percent, accounting for approximately 18 percent of the nation’s GDP. These rising costs can cause problems for renters – 90 percent of whom stated they would prioritize paying rent over any other costs, according to the report.


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