New Resources Support Individuals with Growth Hormone Deficiency


English and Spanish materials include information on growth hormone deficiency symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and health insurance appeals.

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2023 / The not-for-profit Aimed Alliance has produced and published new resources to help consumers with growth hormone deficiency navigate the diagnosis, treatment, and health insurance coverage and appeals processes. The new publication titled Growth Hormone Disorder Patients: Know Your Rights was developed with the support of the MAGIC Foundation and Pediatric Endocrine Nursing Society. The resource is available in English and Spanish.

Growth Hormone Deficiency in children is defined as growth failure associated with inadequate growth hormone production. Growth hormone is produced by the brain’s pituitary gland and is essential for muscle and bone growth, strength, and distribution of body fat. Individuals with growth hormone deficiency need growth hormone treatments to replace their bodies’ insufficient hormone production.

Unfortunately, health insurers often implement a wide variety of coverage barriers that limit access to these treatments.

Aimed Alliance’s new brochure provides an overview of growth hormone deficiency diagnosis and treatments. In addition, the resource provides examples of benefit utilization practices that health insurers often employ to deny or delay consumers’ ability to access their medications. The brochure discusses ways consumers can exercise their rights and appeal adverse coverage determinations.

Various Know Your Rights consumer resources are available for free on Aimed Alliance’s website. Direct links to the English and Spanish versions of the new resources for individuals with rare endocrine disorders are below:

Growth Hormone Disorder Patients: Know Your Rights — English + Espanol

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