New Aimed Alliance Infographic Identifies Best Practices for Migraine Management in the Workplace


A new Aimed Alliance infographic demonstrates ongoing challenges employees with migraine disease face in the workplace and best practices employers can take to improve chances of success. The survey summarizes the findings of our recent study, “Migraine Disease in the Workplace 2021.” For example, about 60% of HR professionals recognize that migraine disease can be considered a disability in their organization, but many managers and HR professionals lack knowledge about the disease. Furthermore, 40% of participants said their direct supervisors believe employees with migraine disease are “faking it” or “exaggerating,” and that migraine management is not a valid reason for missing work. Only 56% of respondents agreed their organization was doing a good job accommodating employees with migraine disease. Many reported their organization failed to provide common accommodations like alternative lighting, providing health insurance plans without restrictions like prior authorization for migraine disease, or implementing support like migraine training and education for the employer and employees. The infographic identifies what leaders in the migraine management field have done, including providing health insurance that covers migraine disease, creating training programs about migraine disease stigma and legal protections, and reviewing the organization’s culture and wellness plans to ensure they provide the necessary support. Read the infographic here and the survey report here.


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