#MeToo Meets the Emergency Room


Last month, the Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy published an article written by Aimed Alliance counsel, Stacey Worthy and Shruti Kulkarni, titled “#MeToo Meets the Emergency Room: Providing and Paying for Care After a Sexual Assault.” In the article, the authors identify several barriers to accessing and affording health care services following a sexual assault. For example, many survivors are often turned away from the emergency room due to lack of proof of health insurance or lack of available rape kits. Additionally, although states have laws that require hospitals to provide certain services free of charge, many survivors are improperly billed and hounded by collections agencies, serving to further traumatize individuals. The authors identify applicable laws and recommend actions at both the state and federal levels to better ensure access to and coverage of such services in the future. Read the article in full here.


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