Let’s Talk: Questions & Conversations You Should Have with Your Health Care Provider


For many individuals it can feel overwhelming being diagnosed with a new rare or chronic condition. This can be especially true for individuals who, otherwise have had a limited interaction with the health care system. Therefore, to help ensure consumer have the necessary tools to be active participants throughout their health care journey, Aimed Alliance has created a new resources titled “Let’s Talk: Questions and Conversations You Should Have with Your Health Care Provider.”

This new tool provides consumers with questions they should consider asking their health care provider before, during, and after an appointment. Additionally, this tool provides short explanations as to why consumers should consider asking these questions. Aimed Alliance has also created a short worksheet form at the end of the document that can be printed and used by consumers to help them track their health care concerns before, during, and after their visit.

View these new resources below:
Questions & Explanations — English   Spanish
Questions, Explanations & Worksheet — English    Spanish
Worksheet Only — English    Spanish
Questions Only — English

Last Updated on February 23, 2023 by Aimed Alliance


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