Digital Therapeutics: What They Are and How to Integrate Them in Addiction Treatment Workflows


This session will focus on the emerging role of digital therapeutics (DTx) in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs), including co-implementation alongside telehealth solutions, to help address the barriers to effective delivery of neurobehavioral care. Despite SUD being a chronic disease requiring longitudinal physical and mental recovery services, more than 90% of patients do not receive recommended evidence-based therapies, and up to 50% of patients drop out of treatment after just three months, limiting the effectiveness of treatments. DTx, including FDA authorized prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs), for SUDs are increasingly delivered on mobile devices and can increase treatment access, engagement, retention, and recovery outcomes. Indicators of quality, such as FDA, NIH, and scientific journal peer-review, are important, as are cost effectiveness, access, and affordability.

In this session, expert panelists will share various perspectives on DTx and their deployment, with an emphasis on the requirements and workstreams enabling full-scale use of DTx in clinical practice, alongside an in-depth look at how telehealth organizations are implementing these tools in the real world. Register here.

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Michael C. Barnes, Esq.
Center for U.S. Policy
Member, Rx & Illicit Drug Summit Advisory Board
Arlington, VA


Steven Powell, MD, MPH, CPE, FAPA
Chief Medical Officer
Middletown, Connecticut

Yuri Maricich, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer and Head of Development
Pear Therapeutics
Boston, MA


Asmae Toumi
Director of Analytics
Middletown, Connecticut


David R. Gastfriend, MD
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
DynamiCare Health, Inc.
Wareham, Massachusetts


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