Upcoming Webinar — Covering Prescription Digital Therapeutics: A Win-Win for Employers and Employees


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In the United States approximately 49% of individuals gain health insurance through their employer sponsored health plan. Thus, employers play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals have access to comprehensive coverage and treatment for chronic diseases. Providing comprehensive benefits for employees is not only beneficial for employees, but also helps employers attract talented candidates, minimize employee turnover, develop a healthy work force, boost employee productivity, and reduce absenteeism. Moreover, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us with telehealth, technology in healthcare will continue to play an important role in ensuring access to care for employees. To remain competitive, employers must integrate healthcare technologies into plan designs and ensure that employees can access innovative treatments as covered benefits.

Considered a new category of therapeutics, Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDTs) are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared therapies that use software on smart phones, tablets, and other devices to prevent, manage, or treat a range of diseases and disorders. Digital medicine products such as PDTs are transforming the way that patients access treatment by delivering high-quality care at the times and in the places that are convenient to patients. As such, employers have multiple reasons to offer PDTs as a covered benefit.

Hosted by Aimed Alliance, a not-for-profit health policy organization, this one-hour webinar will explain how employer health plan coverage of PDTs can improve employee health and productivity, enhance health equity, and reduce employers’ costs. The panelists include a pharmacist with over a decade of experience in digital health, a physician and former corporate medical director; and the HR director from the first employer to cover PDTs as a health plan benefit.. They will discuss the FDA approval process for PDTs, how PDTs work, their win-win benefits for employees and employers alike, and how employers can include them on their formularies. This webinar meets the continuing education credit requirements for both SHRM and the HR Certification Institute, and HR executives can earn one hour of credit by participating. The webinar is free and open to all.

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