BenefitsPRO Article Features New Aimed Alliance Report on Employers and Health Benefits


On December 18, 2019, BenefitsPRO published an article that featured Aimed Alliance’s recently published report titled “Costly Considerations: An Analysis of Employer Priorities When Selecting Health Benefits,” which discusses what employers and HR professionals prioritize when selecting health benefits for their employees. This article called attention to the burdens that utilization management strategies place on health plan enrollees and how they can limit their access to care. In particular, the article highlights how employers and HR professionals continue to incorporate these utilization management strategies into their health plans, even when they are aware of the negative impacts the strategies can have on their employees’ health and how this can incur greater health expenditures in the long run:

“More than 75 percent of HR professionals whose plans include utilization management techniques say they’re aware of insured employees reporting negative life impacts because of inability to afford health care services or treatment. In addition, nearly 55 percent of HR professionals whose plans include UM techniques say employees have ended up taking extended medical leave because they couldn’t afford or get treatment through their health plan.”

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