Appreciating the Risks of “Bad Drug” Advertisements


Personal injury law firms often publish misleading advertisements that encourage viewers to join class action lawsuits against drug makers. These ads may contain disturbing imagery or logos of federal agencies that may heighten concern among viewers, frightening them out of taking their medication without first consulting with their health care provider. Aimed Alliance just published a brochure to help consumers better understand these advertisements and the risks they present.

Patients should be aware of this practice and take caution. While you should feel free to contact the law firm mentioned to learn more about the class action, you should not stop taking your medication without first consulting your health care provider. Moreover, if you feel that you have view a misleading or deceptive ad, you may contact your state’s attorney general to let him or her know.

Patients should never stop taking prescribed medication without first consulting with their health care provider. Doing so may cause your health condition to worsen, potentially resulting in hospitalization or disease progression. Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website provides up-to-date, official statements about the risks associated with any medication or device.

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