Aimed Alliance To Co-Host Media Briefing Addressing Risks of Institution’s “Value Frameworks”


Microphone at the speech podiumIn collaboration with Patients Rising and the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, Aimed Alliance will co-host a national media briefing tomorrow to detail the potential for serious risks to patients and the economy from Institute for Clinical and Economic Research’s (ICER) so-called “value-frameworks” including, limiting access to new, life-saving treatments for serious diseases such as multiple myeloma and other cancers; deteriorating quality of care; and stifling medical innovation. The briefing’s panel will release new data demonstrating that ICER’s proposals could result in health care rationing, a serious risk to patient safety. Aimed Alliance’s Director of Public Policy, Stacey L. Worthy, will be a featured speaker at the event. The briefing will take place at 10:00 am CDT, Tuesday, May 24, in the Landmark-1 room at the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel in St. Louis, MO, and will also be streamed online to enable national media participation. Click here to learn more.


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