Aimed Alliance Submits Amicus Brief in Lawsuit to Enjoin Non-EHB Program


On August 16, Aimed Alliance, along with six other patient advocacy organizations, requested permission from the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey to file an amicus brief on the impacts of non-EHB programs like SaveOnSP’s. The amicus brief addresses how SaveOnSP’s conduct deceives, influences, and harms consumers, and how SaveOnSP’s conduct creates implications for national health policy. Aimed Alliance’s fellow “friends of the court” are Triage Cancer, the HIV+Hepatitis Policy Institute, the Coalition of State Rheumatology OrganizationsThe AIDS Institute, the National Oncology State Network, and the Connecticut Oncology Association. Read the Amicus Brief here. To learn more about non-EHB programs, read our fact sheet.


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