Aimed Alliance Submits a Letter in Support of Connecticut Bill That Prohibits the Use of QALY as a Health Insurance Threshold


On May 4, 2021, Aimed Alliance submitted a letter in support of Connecticut HB 6242 to members of the Connecticut legislature. The bill would prohibit the use of dollars-per-quality adjusted life year (QALY) or similar measures to limit coverage or reimbursement in health plans. Insurers use QALYs to justify limitations on patient access to treatment, and ignore the patients’ and practitioners’ valuation of treatment, treating the patient’s health and life as a commodity. The use of QALYs can lead to discrimination based on age or health status, as QALYs unfairly favor younger and healthier populations, and do not account for the possibility of disease remission. This leaves patients undervalued by their health plans, even if they achieve long-term stability without disease progression. Read the letter here.


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