Aimed Alliance Releases Position Statement on Cannabidiol (CBD)


On March 30, 2020, Aimed Alliance published a position statement on products containing cannabidiol (CBD). This policy document describes how recent changes in federal law have led to products containing CBD being broadly marketed and sold to consumers and explores product safety issues that have arisen since then. The statement also outlines Aimed Alliance’s policy positions on the marketing, sale, and regulation of CBD products alongside a rationale for each position.

Specifically, Aimed Alliance supports:

  • Establishing an FDA approval pathway for food products and dietary supplements that contain CBD;
  • Continued state and federal enforcement against businesses that violate the law;
  • Education for patients, the public, and health care providers about CBD products, including their risks;
  • Enacting new state laws to protect consumers against unsafe products; and
  • Patients having access to safe and effective CBD products.

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