Aimed Alliance Releases New Report, Exploring Employer Priorities When Selecting Health Benefits


On December 13, 2019, Aimed Alliance released a new report titled “Costly Considerations: An Analysis of Employer Priorities When Selecting Health Benefits,” which explores the factors that employers prioritize when selecting health benefits for their employees. Based on a comprehensive survey of over 300 HR professionals, this report found that HR professionals place the highest priority on providing robust access to care, competing primarily with the cost of providing health benefits. Regarding cost, some HR professionals said that the cost of health plans were a top priority, while others focused more on out-of-pocket costs for employees.

This report found that many employers are shifting the cost of health coverage to their employees by offering high-deductible health plans, with over half of employers only offering these types of plans. Additionally, Costly Considerations found that employers are attempting to reduce health costs by offering plans that include copay accumulators and allowing formulary changes in the middle of the plan year. However, about half of surveyed HR professionals indicated that these strategies have resulted in employees being unable to afford treatment under their health plan, which has resulted in them taking extended medical leave or requiring disability benefits. This report found that almost all employers offer training or resources to their employees to help them understand their health benefits, but less than half of the survey respondents indicated that most of their employees utilize these resources.

Review “Costly Considerations: An Analysis of Employer Priorities When Selecting Health Benefits” to learn more about how employers select health benefits for their employees and the factors they consider when doing so.


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