Aimed Alliance Publishes a Comparison of the U.S. and German Health Systems


Conversations around health care reform often include comparisons to other health care systems. While the U.S. health care system is highly complex, Germany uses a multi-payer system that possesses many similarities. Understanding the commonalities and differences between these health systems could be instructive as policymakers weigh possible health care reforms.

On Jan. 13, 2020, Aimed Alliance published a guide that discusses the commonalities and differences between the U.S. and German health systems. This guide weighs different components of these health systems, including:

  • Forms of coverage;
  • Premiums;
  • Required and optional benefits;
  • How drug prices are established;
  • Cost-sharing for treatments and services;
  • How treatments and services are financed; and
  • Competition.

The guide also features a table that compares specific differences between the two health systems and a table that contrasts the differences between the U.S. essential health benefits and the benefits that German health insurers must offer. You can review the guide here.


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