Aimed Alliance Opposes Oregon Legislation that Could Restrict Access to Dialysis


On January 27, 2020, Oregon legislators introduced HB 4114, which would set physician payment rates for dialysis treatment at the Medicare payment rate. On February 3, 2020, Aimed Alliance submitted a letter of opposition to members of Oregon’s House Committee on Health Care.

Aimed Alliance opposes this legislation because it may reduce the ability of patients to access dialysis treatment. According to the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee, the Medicare payment rate for dialysis does not adequately reimburse dialysis clinics for providing treatment. If dialysis clinics in Oregon are only reimbursed at the Medicare payment rate, some clinics, particularly in rural areas, may be forced to close. This would most likely result in patients living with chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure being required to travel greater distances to receive their dialysis treatment. Alternatively, these patients may only be able to receive their dialysis treatment at a hospital, which is more expensive than when it is provided at a clinic.

Read the letter to learn more.


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