Aimed Alliance Op-Ed Featured in’s Employee Benefits & Wellness Magazine


On January 22, 2021, featured an op-ed by Aimed Alliance’s counsel, Stacey Worthy, titled “Survey Finds Some Employers Deficient in Handling of Migraine Disease” in its Employee Benefits & Wellness Magazine. The op-ed highlights on recent survey results from our report “State of Migraine Disease in the Workplace 2021” as well as best practices and room for growth in employer management of migraine disease in the workplace. Despite caselaw establishing that migraine could be a protected disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are often confused about their obligations to provide accommodations to employees with migraine disease. Only 60% of HR professionals report their organization considers migraine disease a disability, and many managers and HR professionals lack knowledge about this disease. Furthermore, stigma about migraine disease remains prevalent, with many direct supervisors believing employees are “faking it” or “exaggerating.” Many organizations are also falling behind in managing employees’ migraines, including failing to provide sufficient insurance coverage, falling short in providing reasonable accommodations that prevent migraine attacks, and not providing workplace support through education and wellness programs. Read our op-ed here and a summary of the survey findings here.


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