Aimed Alliance Migraine in the Workplace Survey Featured on


A new MigraineAgain post highlighting migraine disease at work as a women’s health issue features Aimed Alliance’s Counsel, Stacey Worthy, and her knowledge on navigating migraine disease in the workplace. Migraine disease disproportionately affects women, with women composing nearly 73 percent of the 40 million Americans who live with migraine disease. Over 85% of people with chronic migraine disease are women, and roughly one in four women will experience migraine attacks in their lifetime. When combined with lingering stigma and misunderstandings of the disease, women in the workplace may face significant challenges receiving accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, despite numerous court cases finding migraine disease to be a disability in certain circumstances. However, women may be able to receive the necessary workplace support by educating their supervisor, asking for accommodations, speaking up (while leaving a paper trail), knowing their rights, managing triggers, and taking advantage of both formal and informal work-place support systems like Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time or a work buddy. Read more here.


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