Aimed Alliance Comments on ICER’s Proposed 2020 Value Assessment Framework


On October 15, 2019, Aimed Alliance submitted a comment to the Institute of Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) regarding its Proposed Changes to the 2020 Value Assessment Framework. Aimed Alliance thanked ICER for its stated commitments to the inclusion of real-world evidence and the patient perspective in its Value Assessment Framework, but explained our concern that the Proposed Changes still do not provide adequate mechanisms to ensure the inclusion of real world evidence into its cost-effectiveness assessment, potential budget impact, and value-based benchmark pricing. We also asked ICER to consistently include patients and medical specialists in the therapeutic area under analysis in its Evidence Appraisal Council Membership, and to provide greater transparency about the Evidence Evaluated through the Value Assessment Framework. Finally, the comment called on ICER to not use the Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY) metric as a measure for determining the comparative effectiveness of treatment.


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