ACTION for PDTs Releases Two New Resources on Prescription Digital Therapeutics


On October 28, 2021, Aimed Alliance’s multidisciplinary stakeholder group, ACTION for PDTs in collaboration with the ACTION for PDTs’ California Working Group, released two new California-focused resources on prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs): Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Introducing Software as Medicine and Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Fact Sheet ACTION for PDTs, is a multi-disciplinary partnership that works to expand the adoption of, coverage of, and access to PDTs for individuals with chronic diseases. The first resource, Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Introducing Software as Medicine, provides an overview of PDTs, including how PDTs are similar to traditional therapeutics and how PDTs can be especially beneficial in mental health and substance use disorder treatment. The second resource Prescription Digital Therapeutics: Fact Sheet is a fact sheet on the use of PDTs to treat behavioral health and substance use disorders. The new PDT resources can be found here 

If you are interested in learning more about ACTION for PDTs, please visit our webpage here 


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