J. Kevin Massey

J. Kevin Massey is CEO of the Arlington Consulting Group, which provides healthcare technology innovation, quality improvement, strategy and program development/support, and is a subject matter expert on prescription drug abuse, misuse, diversion, safety, and utilization. For over 25 years, Mr. Massey has served in management, executive and consulting capacities in the fields of public health, healthcare and financial services.

Previously, Mr. Massey served as the Health Services & Court Compliance Administrator for Wellpath, which is a leading, national contracted provider of correctional healthcare services in the US. Prior to that, as the Director of Strategic Business Development at the Community Health Center, Inc., he co-lead the development of clinical innovations that improved specialty healthcare access amongst underserved primary care patients across the US. Past leadership roles include: Director of Violence and Injury Prevention in the State of Delaware, Department of Health where he lead health policy, clinical practice and executed broad-based prevention/population health programs, to include analyzing the PDMP; Chief Operating Officer at the Kent Community Health Center, a federally qualified health center, and Interim Director of Marketing/Community Engagement for United Healthcare, Delaware Community Medicaid Plan.

Mr. Massey is a graduate of Delaware State University and has completed his coursework for a Master of Science in Management (thesis pending) at Wilmington University