Consumers Satisfied with ACA Plans, but Lack Knowledge on Enrollment Process


A national poll of health insurance marketplace consumers and uninsured consumers eligible to enroll, conducted by Get America Covered, identified a growing demand for health coverage among both insured and uninsured populations. The survey also revealed that statements made by the Trump Administration have contributed to misinformation among consumers about the coverage that is available them and how to navigate the open enrollment process. According to the survey results, 84 percent of consumers that are enrolled in a marketplace plan are satisfied with their coverage. Unfortunately, only 5 percent of uninsured consumers and 19 percent of insured consumers are aware that Dec. 15, 2019 is the deadline for enrolling in a health plan for the 2020 coverage year. Additionally, 58 percent of uninsured individuals and 27 percent of insured consumers believe that there are no affordable coverage options available to them through the marketplace. However, 67 percent of insured consumers and 84 percent of uninsured consumers consider paying less than $100 a month to be affordable, and a majority of consumers are eligible for financial assistance that would make coverage available to them at $100 or less per month.

Most consumers are unaware that the penalty for failing to obtain coverage has been reduced to $0. Despite this, most consumers indicated that they will still purchase health coverage for the coming year or consider doing so. Furthermore, there is uncertainty about whether the Affordable Care Act will still be effective in 2020 because of challenges to the law, such as the Texas v. Azar lawsuit that is an attempt to invalidate the law.

Review the survey results to learn more.


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